About Chapter

Welcome to the website of the Amsterdam Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), a world-wide organization dedicated to furthering the professions of managerial and financial accounting.

The Amsterdam Chapter organizes a wide range of events, such as annual meetings, educational seminars, dinner meetings, professional development workshops or other related activities: events that help YOU to stay in shape as a finance professional! 

At this moment the IMA enjoys a global membership of over 90.000 professionals in management accounting and financial management. Many IMA members join their local chapter to stay on top of new developments and to share ideas and experiences. There are currently over 500 members of the IMA in the Netherlands and this number is increasing rapidly. Therefore a team of enthusiastic CMAs took the initiative to start an Amsterdam Chapter of the IMA. On May 8, 2003 a symposium was held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam that included prominent speakers in the field of management accounting. This symposium marked the launch of a new and first IMA Chapter in the Netherlands and even Europe; the Amsterdam-Netherlands Chapter.